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Outdated References 23

So I'm back in the States again and I gave Russ the big recap with my adventures in the U.K. where we discussed about my game shopping in London, getting bored of British Chips ,and a good ole fashioned Pub Crawl.  Then we talked about awesome airplane movie reviews! I also dabble in the seedy world of emulation! Yeah, this show is kind of all over the place, per the norm. Check out the episode and let me know what you think? --Nathan iTunes Stitcher Radio Check out this episode!

Sorry about the delay...

Sorry about delays. Life has just been a little overwhelming but I will get the show back on track. As of right now, I have a few shows on my hard drive waiting to be edited, plus a show I'm in the middle of editing. Expect to see them on your podcast feed soon over the next few weeks. --Nathan

NES Upgrade: Replace your 72 Pin connector

This was another article that I wrote for Pineconeattack back on 02.10.2013. While replacing the 72 pin connector is pretty drastic, I never had any issues with the aftermarket parts being too tight. I guess you miles may vary. One of these days I'll get around to doing a walk-through for the Blinking Light Win apparatus.  I hope this article will still be useful to those in need of repairing your NES. I will keep it up here for archival purpose.  --Nathan The Nintendo Entertainment System, easily one of the most iconic and leading gaming console from the 80’s selling into the millions across America, capturing the imaginations of children while firmly grasping at the wallets of parents. For every coin collected, every duck shot, and for every Princess saved, the Nintendo Entertainment System has filled me with great memories including strange gaming rituals like blowing into the cartridges, clicking up and down and hitting power and reset. Wonky ri