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Outdated References 58: No Small Parts

Adam is in town I'm happy to have him with me in the Outdated Recording "Studio" as we chat with Russ and Coral about our childhood in radio, spoiler talk about “The Boys” season 2 ending, and finally “Star Trek Lower Decks” season 1 finale spoiler talk. Wow! I love  Lower Decks!  --Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch

Outdated References 57: Veritas & Crisis Point

  Hi guys! I'll be quick...  Adam is trying to speedrun Super Mario Bros 2, Russ and Adam discuss episode 7 of "The Boys" and we finally get on topic and have a spoiler cast about "Star Trek Lower Decks" episode 8 & 9:  Veritas &  Crisis Point. It's good. So damn good.  -Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch  

Outdated References 56: Sports, Science, Politics, and Video games, Oh my.

Sports Talk, Politics Talk, Science Talk, Family talk, basically a personal episode because Russ and Coral didn’t watch Star Trek Lower Decks. Also, what do you call it when the collective has rose color glasses for Mario 64 but you literally have zero nostalgia for this groundbreaking classic? I don't know but it's an interesting episode. Expect more Star Trek Lower Decks episodes as we rush to catch up, because I want to move onto Discovery Season 3. We're Outdated References, but I don't want us to be too outdated. --Nathan  Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch

Outdated References 55: Cupid's Errant Arrow, Terminal Provocations, & Much Ado About Boimler

We are a full crew today with Adam, Russ, Coral, and myself, as we catch up on Star Trek Lower Deck discussion, since we skipped the topic only to focus only on Mulan chat, last week, but before we get into a long discussion, Adam discovered the new Planet of the Apes films and it's kind of funny to see him realized he missed out on really good science fiction. It's a fun show and I hope you enjoy it! --Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch  

Outdated References 54: Mulan Spoiler Discussion

This week, I want to say a big howdy to our newest member, Coral, as we have round table discussion about Disney's newest live action remake, Mulan. Love it or hate it, many valid points were brought up and I'm super proud of this episode, even though it was plagued with technical issues. Yeah, this is why it took so long to edit. Sorry y'all. Any ways, Star Trek Lower Deck talks have been placed on stand by for next episode and we discuss why Colm Meany should have been the father as Miles O'Brien and Rosalind Choa as Keiko in the Outdated References holodeck production of "Molly."  Come On you know you want to see that!    --Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch