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Outdated References 38: Without a Trace/Et in Arcadia Ego

This week, I would like to welcome Jules, the second half of the Rocket Reptiles Comic Duo, to the show as Russ, Adam and I chat about games we are playing during the Covid-19 quarantine, discuss Star Wars The Clones Wars episode "Without a Trace," and talk theories about first half of the Star Trek Picard season finale, "Et in Arcadia Ego." We go a bit long this week, but hey, most of you aren't going anywhere right?  --Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch Rocket Reptiles Comic

Outdated References 37: Quarantine & Broken Pieces

Welcome! This episode, Adam and Russ started early because they started before me. (Thanks jerks.) But they chat on about Bloodshot and TP Talk! We also skip Star Wars The Clone Wars to focus on Star Trek Picard. So while you are stuck at home because of the quarantine, check out this episode and relax with three friends bs-ing. --Nathan iTunes Stitcher Twitch Rocket Reptiles Comic

Outdated References 36: Wings of Kerradaks & Nepenthe

Fell a bit behind on editing, but fear not, this week, you will be getting shows dropping every three days. So this show is dropping now, the next episode will be available Thursday and then this week's episode will drop next Sunday. Hey, at least the show is appropriately named? Outdated... Get it? Anyways, this episode has Russ, Adam and myself, Nathan, chatting on about "Star Wars The Clone Wars" Season 7 Episode 3, "On the Wings of Kerradks" and "Star Trek Picard" Season 1 Episode 7: "Nepenthe." We chat about some Mandolorian theories and gush over seeing the Troi-Riker Family once again. So sit back and relaxe and we raise the shields and secure your ears as you enjoy Outdated References Episode 36. --Nathan iTunes Stitcher Twitch Rocket Reptiles Comic

Sega ST-V Cart Cases

I love displaying my arcade collection and for years, I been buying custom cases called Shockboxes for my Neo-Geo MVS carts. Southtown Homebrew have been my #1 go to site to beautify my bland MVS carts into something I can place onto a shelf and display with pride. Recently, I've been falling back into my arcade collecting and I decided to focus my attention onto my small Sega Titan Video game system (Sega ST-V) collection of carts. The ST-V arcade board set is basically a ROM cartridge based arcade level version of the Sega Saturn. So a lot of fast paced, fun, twitchy arcade games! I've added several ST-V carts into my collection over the years and I was in need of boxing and displaying them on my shelf for organization. The ST-V cart are much smaller than SNK's Neo-Geo carts so, while I could use foam to take up the negative space inside a giant Shockbox, which I wasn't willing to do, since the Shockbox have gone up to $12 a piece. I basically had two choices

Outdated References 35: Bad Batch at Stardust City

I didn't intent this podcast to be a bi-weekly, but hey, here we are. Sometimes, life gets in the way but we here at Outdated References prevail over silly things like "family emergencies" and "work obligations." Pft, who needs responsibilities when we can talk about NEW Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Trek Picard! Join Russ, Adam and myself, Nathan, to a wonderful world of fanboy wankery. --Nathan iTunes Stitcher Twitch Rocket Reptiles Comic