Outdated References 36: Wings of Kerradaks & Nepenthe

Fell a bit behind on editing, but fear not, this week, you will be getting shows dropping every three days. So this show is dropping now, the next episode will be available Thursday and then this week's episode will drop next Sunday. Hey, at least the show is appropriately named? Outdated... Get it?

Anyways, this episode has Russ, Adam and myself, Nathan, chatting on about "Star Wars The Clone Wars" Season 7 Episode 3, "On the Wings of Kerradks" and "Star Trek Picard" Season 1 Episode 7: "Nepenthe." We chat about some Mandolorian theories and gush over seeing the Troi-Riker Family once again. So sit back and relaxe and we raise the shields and secure your ears as you enjoy Outdated References Episode 36.


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