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Outdated References 46: Gaming Gaming Gaming!

We caught up on TV so this week we actually talked about video gaming, mainly Nintendo gaming. Adam finally got around to playing some Breath of the Wild and we discuss some outdated topics like a new Paper Mario,  3D Super Mario releases and KOTOR II talk, sort of. What? --Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch

Organizing my CPS2 Collection

I don't have a huge collection of CPS2 carts but I have enough where they are all stuffed inside a couple of bins sitting out in my arcade room. While they are sort of organized, I want to be able to access them with ease and I wasn't sure the best cost effective way to do this. That's when I found the " CPS2 Kitbox Label Guide " by dubdubdub.  Basically, you make custom labels for each board, print them out, then slap then on a Uline box , finally, cut down your foam and glue it down inside of the box. What you end up with is a nice, clean, organized box that can sit on a shelf for easy access.  The easy part was to make all of my labels, then place them all on a sheet and have them printed out 6 at a time. Here's the template I made if you want to print up 6 at a time. After having them printed out at FedEx Office, I used their paper trimmer and cut out each label, because I'm cheap and I didn't want them to over charge me to cut these out