Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Outdated References 159: Loki Finale & a Little Too Much Call of Duty


This week, Jeremy, Russ, Adam, and Nathan gathered around the Skype Camp Fire to talk the glorious tales of Loki, but before we get to the main topic about the God of Mischief, we talked about the new Scott Pilgrim Anime on Netflix, because I'm just super excited to see that show, then we move onto something I never thought we would discuss, our excitement for new Godzilla!? 

Yeah, there's a ton of Godzilla to consume, from Apple TV's "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" to the upcoming "Godzilla Minus One."  Nathan also gives a strong recommendation to one of his favorite Manga series turn into Netflix Anime show, "Pluto." Seriously, go watch it now! 

We lost track of time discussing all of our stupid adventures and mishaps on "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: Warzone: DMZ" mode, or whatever it's actually called, which totally leads into our discussion of predatory practices from gaming companies with their Download Content. So yeah, it's a show about all of our interest this week and I hope you all enjoy it during your Thanksgiving Weekend, assuming you are in the States, obviously.  


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Outdated References 158: Lower Deckin' & Loki

Join Adam, Russ, Nathan, & Jeremy was we discuss Star Trek Lower Decks and Loki, but before we get to the main topic, we catch up with Jeremy's odd choice of drinks during a J-Pop concert,  Adam's run in with thieving bastards, and Nathan's continuing BS with arcade machines. 




Thursday, November 9, 2023

How to Customize Your Mayflash F500 V2 Fightstick


So Street Fighter 6 got my interests piqued for modern console fighters once again and now my niece has taken a strong interest in the genere and began to dabble with the game. Struggling to wrap their head around the Classic control scheme, they have become fairly proficient using the Modern control scheme, which saddens my cold black jaded heart. So I decided to take it upon myself to build them their very own fightstick with artwork from their favorite comic series to hopefully get them accustomed to classic arcade control scheme. 

My logic is that with a 6-8 button setup the and a good joystick, the traditional Classic control scheme will make a bit more sense to them. I know it's going be a struggle to have to learn input timing, but I'm hoping to get them a fightstick that they would want to play all of their games on. Since they have access to a PS4, Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch, I opted to get the Mayflash F500 V2 base model, the Mayflash F500 Elite was more expensive and it did not make sense to gut a stick that already had authentic arcade parts.  I will show you how to replace all of the buttons, replace the joystick with a Sanwa joystick and add custom artwork. 

Friday, November 3, 2023

Outdated References 157: Rock, Ezra, & Loki


Russ, Jeremy, and I catch up after taking a much needed break.  We talked about our old man music and try out best to recap all of the shows that have come and went.   We finish our discussion about the Season finale of Ahsoka and our likes about Loki Season 2. Sadly, We had to table our Lower Decks discussion to next episode.