Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Outdated References 159: Loki Finale & a Little Too Much Call of Duty


This week, Jeremy, Russ, Adam, and Nathan gathered around the Skype Camp Fire to talk the glorious tales of Loki, but before we get to the main topic about the God of Mischief, we talked about the new Scott Pilgrim Anime on Netflix, because I'm just super excited to see that show, then we move onto something I never thought we would discuss, our excitement for new Godzilla!? 

Yeah, there's a ton of Godzilla to consume, from Apple TV's "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" to the upcoming "Godzilla Minus One."  Nathan also gives a strong recommendation to one of his favorite Manga series turn into Netflix Anime show, "Pluto." Seriously, go watch it now! 

We lost track of time discussing all of our stupid adventures and mishaps on "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: Warzone: DMZ" mode, or whatever it's actually called, which totally leads into our discussion of predatory practices from gaming companies with their Download Content. So yeah, it's a show about all of our interest this week and I hope you all enjoy it during your Thanksgiving Weekend, assuming you are in the States, obviously.  


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