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Just a Little Something About My Mom

Sometimes my Korean Mother just surprises me with random pop culture knowledge that makes my tiny mind explode. One of the first time she shocked me was when Karma Chameleon came on the radio and she started singing along. If you know my Mom, she never shown any signs of caring about American music, it's all about hymnals and old timey Korean ballads that just makes me want to slam my head into a wall, so when she said she loved Culture Club, I just had to laugh and hug her because that's awesome. Last Week, during our early Thanksgiving Supper, Mom randomly asked me about Mazinger Z. I just paused and asked her, "How do you know about Mazinger Z,  엄마 (E omma: Mom) "  Her reply was,"What are you talking about? You use to love that show when you were a kid when we were in Korea and I bought you the big robot toy of Mazinger Zed. I use to find the flying fist randomly when I cleaned the apartment. Nathan, that was one of your favorite shows."  And then