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Outdated References 21: Bullets, EVO, & U.K.

This week we briefly chat about guns, and politics (sorry) then to our usual talk about video games! Esteban gave us the EVO 2017 update and I chat about learning and ranting about Street Fighter V. The big news is that my work is sending me to the U.K. for business and I’m excited for a change of scenery, of course, I’m petrified about driving on the left. Anyways, I also talk about my first time at Universal Studios. Ah, I felt like I did most of the talking this episode. --Nathan iTunes Sticher Radio Check out this episode!

Outdated References 20: TV and Beyond

Welcome to this week’s Plant-Talk! Just kidding, but Adam is experimenting with his green thumb and trying to grow some mangos. We eventually move onto some “Orange is the New Black” Spoilers talk before shifting gears to some DC TV talk then everyone is pushing “Legion” really hard. Christ, they’re just too many interesting TV shows for me to keep up. -Nathan iTunes Sticher Radio Check out this episode!