Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Outdated References 164: Books & Gaming Talk! What?!


This week, Russ, Adam, and Nathan, three desert rats, catching up from a long break talking about why doesn't Arizona do more to lessen their water usage? Nathan comes back from Rhode Island, anime recommendations, then we move onto classic sci-fi book talk! Also, why are comic book movies sucking right now? Is Halo Season 2 good? Plus, more gaming talk, because playing with friends is still fun.



Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Outdated References 163: FPS Kind of a Week?!


In a rare turn of events, we have no TV show or films to talk about but a lot to share about all of our collective obsession with gaming. It is so hard to get everyone together to find the same time to set aside and game but recently it has been happening more and more and I'm just a happy person because of it. So this week we are just chatting about our gaming highs and lows as we wait for Star Wars Bad Batch to drop.