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Outdated References 73: "On a Very Special Episode"

This week we have Russ, Jeremy, Adam, Coral and myself, Nathan as we chat about our Animal Crossing Porn Studios, Disney's old school animation shortcuts, 'Earwing and the Witch' debate, and then we get to the heart of WandaVision Episode 5. Yippie.  --Nathan  Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch

Outdated References 72: Wandavision 'We Interrupt This Program’

  Russ, Adam, Coral and me all chat about Wandavision. Holy crap this show is getting better and better each episode and this week doesn't disappoint.  --Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch

My 10 Years Neo Geo Big Red Restoration

  Back in 2007, I purchased arcade cabinet that was a carcass of one of my favorite arcade machines, a Neo-Geo MVS 4 Slot. All the unique components that made it a Neo-Geo was ripped out and was converted into one of my most loathed on-rail shooters, CarnEvil. Seriously, I really do hate CarnEvil and seeing that game inside a Big Red frame made me want to restore this cabinet into is former glory. So, I paid $200 for a machine that had some much potential in becoming one of and did my best to make this into one of my most desired machines. I dragged this machine into my garage and started my restoration. I started with removing the marquee and the control panel overlay. Sadly, I had to throw the original panel cover away because I wanted to replace it with a new Neo-Geo MVS overlay. I then removed all the light gun cabling and proceeded to fill in the holes with bondo. I pulled out the coin mech, only to literally throw it away on accident during one of my many moves. You see,

Outdated References 71: Coba Kai & WandaVision Spoilercast

This week, we have Russ, Coral, Jeremy and myself as we catch up from me flubbing last week's episode, where I forgot to press the record button (damnit,) then to go into our three season Cobra Kai spoiler discussion and then dive into the three crazy episodes of the world of Marvel's WandaVision. Fun times! --Nathan Apple Podcast iHeartRadio Libsyn Stitcher Twitch