Sega ST-V Cart Cases

I love displaying my arcade collection and for years, I been buying custom cases called Shockboxes for my Neo-Geo MVS carts. Southtown Homebrew have been my #1 go to site to beautify my bland MVS carts into something I can place onto a shelf and display with pride. Recently, I've been falling back into my arcade collecting and I decided to focus my attention onto my small Sega Titan Video game system (Sega ST-V) collection of carts. The ST-V arcade board set is basically a ROM cartridge based arcade level version of the Sega Saturn. So a lot of fast paced, fun, twitchy arcade games!

I've added several ST-V carts into my collection over the years and I was in need of boxing and displaying them on my shelf for organization. The ST-V cart are much smaller than SNK's Neo-Geo carts so, while I could use foam to take up the negative space inside a giant Shockbox, which I wasn't willing to do, since the Shockbox have gone up to $12 a piece. I basically had two choices: re-purposing some old EA's big Sega Genesis/Megadrive sport cases or use the Universal Combo Game Case.

Originally I used the EA Sega Genesis Sport cases, but I ended up using all of my (then) cheap Sports boxes for my Atomiswave carts. So when I when I went online to find some more cheap sports titles, I was actually a little surprised that these $1-2 sports titles nobody wanted a few years ago are now selling at $10-15 minimum. My only real CHEAP option was to buy the Universal Combo Game Case at about $1.50 each. So the choice was simple, I went to Southtown Homebrew and printed out the covers of the games I own and picked up some cases. The Universal Combo Game Case requires taking some wire cutters or a sharp box cutters to modify the inside of the case to make your Sega ST-V Cart fit. While it's not a perfect option, I like to think of it as a "close enough, why not?" option. 

I had one annoying issue with this whole process, not all of my game carts had covers to print off at Southtown and I waited patiently for, literally, years for someone to make covers for Golden Axe the Duel, Cotton Boomerang, Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, and Astra Superstars. Because no one did, I figured I can take a crack at it. While my photoshopping skills are basic and I got really lazy on the back of the covers, I really like how these turned out. 

I will link to the both sizes for the Genesis/Megadrive case and the Universal Combo Game Case. Please feel free to improve on the design or make your own. I think I like making custom covers for the games and I can't wait to do more in the future.


Astra Superstars

Cotton Boomerang: 

Golden Axe the Duel

Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty


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