Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sorry for the Long Delays

Sorry about the long delays in shows but my Fiancée and I decided it was finally time to buy a house and I forgot how much of your soul  is drained away when your main focus is finding the perfect new home.

Good News: We bought our home! Huzzah!

Bad News: I'm stuck repairing, cleaning, and painting the new house while also packing the old home for the next few weeks getting ready for the big move. So that means all of my equipment eg: game room, arcade room, living room, basically everything I like to tinker will be getting disassembled and packed away. I own a  lot of crap and I'm slow as hell packing all that crap.

On the positive side, Adam said he would step up and get some of the previously recorded shows edited for me so I can post those as soon as they are completed. So I guess I better get him those files asap.

As always, thank you for checking out my humble little piece of the internet and to the handful of you who listen to our show, Y'all are pretty rad as well.


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