Outdated References 115: Boba Fett, Rok-Tahk , & Murn

This week, I was recovering from Covid 19 which completely knocked me down on my butt.

Russ and I have a quick chat about “Wheel of Time” and “The Witcher” as Russ gives his must see TV recommendation. All three of us go into our Book of Boba Fett discussion and I come out thinking that Slave I is a terrible designed starship, but we are really excited to see Mando as “hired muscle” next week. The big surprise was our reaction to the Star Trek Prodigy: Time Amok. Our course Russ and Nate’s favorite show this week is Peacemaker: The Choad Less Traveled. All in all, I have some Arcane to watch and more shows to edit, so if you’ll excuse me, I will leave you to it. Thank you for listening to our Outdated References Podcast. 



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