A Blast from the Neo-Geo Past: King of Fighters '97 VHS

I picked up this VHS tape on a whim because I have always had a soft spot for old obsolete media formats. It's why I still have all of my old retro gaming consoles and Audio Cassettes, Reel to Reel, Laser-disc and HD DVDs.

So as a self proclaimed Neo-Geo Geek, I had the opportunity to pick up this VHS tape full of weird combos and endings with each and every team. It was too tempting to pass, but honestly, I think it's a little hard to sit through, but I wanted to capture this VHS and put it on Youtube for archival purposes since VHS will only last for so long before they will just deteriorate to time.  So enough of my rambling, enjoy the King of Fighters '97 VHS tape!



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