Part List for Making your own Fightstick from Scratch

Making joysticks or fight sticks can be a daunting task if you have never done it before. I was building a pair of game specific joysticks for "Buriki One" and decided to just make a video documenting the process. Granted, I stained the box and pre-drilled where I want the buttons and joystick to be to conserve time but all in all this should be a nice first step for someone wanting to build a controller for themselves.

Please note: The controller in this video is for my supergun, which is an external box that plays arcade boards and the controller ports are set to arcade specs, so I do not need a controller pcb. Hardwiring the Neo-Geo extension cable to the fightstick components will work fine for this specific setup. If you are looking to build a fightstick for the Xbox 360/One and PS3/4, I strongly recommend just buying a Brooks Universal Fighting Board. Also, SlagCoin where you want to go for your joystick template.

I have linked all of the parts used in this video below. Mixed and match however you want. I personally used the IL joysticks because I wanted to save a few bucks and I didn't want to invest too much on a joystick that I will be using for only one game. I plan on building a Neo-Geo controller using all Japanese components in the near future so stay tune for that.

Part List:



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