Outdated References 105: The Watcher, Three Ships & Horny Whales

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”

– John Lennon."

This is so true. Besides all of our usual shenanigans, we had a friend pass away and recently, my wife's Dad also passed away. So as the posting of this episode, I am in Puerto Rico with my Wife, Coral and the rest of my in-laws remembering lost love ones and celebrating life. So apologies for the sporadic releases, we will try our best to stay inconsistently consistent. That being said, we did take a week off so we will be chatting about the finales of What If and Lower Decks. 

This week, Adam, Russ, Coral and I discuss Adam playing Castlevania Advance collection (Circle of the Moon) & Neo-Geo Pocket Collection. Nathan got Xenocrisis for the Neo-Geo & Adam immediately starts to bust my balls for buying a MD port. Oh and on Nintendo news, their new online upgrade is kind of BS. We have a short Reservation Dogs discussion. Seriously, check that show out, it's really good. Of course we all add in our 2 cents about the Ted Lasso finale. 

The main topic os discussion is "What If... the Watcher Broke His Oath?," "Star Trek Lower Decks: Wej Duj (Three Ships)," & "Star Trek Lower Decks: First First Contact." 

Thank you for sticking with us, we really do appreciate the clicks, not because we make any money off of this, but it inspires us to know that someone out there actually listens to this podcast and that's a little weird but totally awesome. 



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