Outdated References 125: Stranger New Kenobi

It’s a two man show with the Bias Bros as Adam and Nathan catch up. There is a ton of amazing new TV on right now but before we get into the shows we watched, Adam shares his thoughts on “Prehistoric Planet” and I learn a thing or two about the modern theories of Dinosaurs. While I binged the newest season of Stranger Things, we only discussed the first two episodes and how Argyle is the best new character on the show. 
We then focused our attention on our favorite Star Trek show, Star Trek Strange New Worlds Episode 3 “Ghost of Illyria” and Episode 4 “Memento Mori.” Oh yeah, did you know Disney’s Plus just dropped two episodes of “Obi-Wan Kenobi?” OMG, we are super excited for this show. Did it live up to our expectations? Listen and find out. 



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